Wellington Theatres, healthcare project

"These are without exception, the best theatres in group."

Commercial Manager, USA Division

Wellington Theatres, South Tower

This appointment came via a selective fee bid process. The client wanted to increase their surgical services but had no obvious site large enough to accommodate a double theatre suite adjacent to existing theatre services. The site eventually selected was one level of a three storey car park. The site was undersized and had numerous problems, not least, a leaking roof and a number of open shafts leading to the ground floor.


Four specialists were invited to submit proposals for development of the site to include a standard theatre and an ultra-clean. Our three competitors informed the client that it would be "impossible" to provide these services on the selected site. We submitted a proposal which included a drawn layout and a written assessment. We informed the client that compromises in accommodation would have to be considered if the project was commissioned.


We were appointed, and through a process of detailed analysis and an in depth understanding of the clients' needs we were able to produce a layout which contained all the principal elements of a successful theatre suite. Our willingness to challenge conventional thinking in theatre design led to an exceptionally efficient space layout plan, which has been successfully translated into an efficient theatre suite. Feedback from the client confirms that these theatres are the most successful of any of their numerous facilities.

Value; £1.8m

Duration; 22 weeks

Contract; Direct appointment

Procurement; Design and Build

Client; HCA