Cottenham Developments Ltd (CDL) was founded in 2016 by robinson lloyd architecture (rla) as a construction division to aid the delivery of designed projects to our Clients.


Following numerous discussions with Clients it became apparent that after establishing a relationship through the design process the 'handing over' of a project to a third party for construction was causing an element of distress.

The main concerns largely fell within two areas, Contractors interpreting designed elements in their own ways and changing them to make it easier or cheaper to build or, the substitution of specific materials or products for cheaper alternatives.


To overcome these issues rla formed Cottenham Developments Ltd (named after their first project) to undertake the Clients project construction phase with a clear ethos, stay true to the design, build within budget and in a timely manner.


Although CDL was primarily established to work within the residential sector dealing with extensions and new build properties the word spread and more and more Clients requested our services through the construction phase.


CDL now not only works within the residential sector we have also expanded into both Commercial and Healthcare construction completing numerous projects to date.